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Advanced Placement Private Tutoring

As the AP exam is held only once per year, a whole year will be lost in case of an unsatisfying score. That’s why it is important to be sure that the student is fully prepared before the exam. Experienced TestPrep tutors recommend starting the AP preparations when there is still enough time to make solid progress. Contact us now to get on the right track with the right timing.

Tailor-made AP Private Lessons

TestPrep AP Preparation Program focuses on the specified needs of the particular student. With the special AP study materials and online homework system after every class, the program provides a stable and effective long-term run for the candidate.

Global Tuition Know-How

TestPrep team enjoys the advantages of their experience depot collected from the global tutors and international students. This know-how makes it possible to share the AP exam clues and hints specialized according to the candidate’s personal success potential.

online ap courses ap tutoring

TestPrep is the institute that has a team dedicated especially to AP exam preparation. It is obvious that they have put a great concentration on AP exams for years. They have “only AP” teachers, a variety of online AP exams, homework, etc. They have AP programs designed for the students from starter to expert level. We took it and my son achieved a score of 5. Five starts are given from my side:)

Parent of IB student – Mrs. Patrycja

TestPrep Advanced Placement Packages – Save up to 15%

Packages specially designed with prearranged timing and content covering each and every subject to get the highest possible score during the exam. Opportunity to save up to 15% with free of charge problem-solving sessions and online practice tests and of the cost. Flexibility to arrange the timing with your tutor to fit your own schedule before starting the course.

Prearranged Programs Covering the Whole Syllabus

TestPrep tutoring team of experienced AP teachers arranged packages to make sure that the student covers and understands all syllabus of a subject to get the best score during the exam.
These packages provide an opportunity for the student to master each and every subject from A to Z without any concern about the timing and content management.
All topics are listed with the needed time to spend on them and serviced in a schedule created together with the student.

Free Online Tests and Problem Solving Lessons

The reliable way of getting prepared fully to an exam needs to be covering subject teaching lessons, problem solving practices and practice test.
TestPrep AP Packages contain all these ingredients needed and deliver three aspects in one single tuition program.
Moreover, those problem-solving sessions and the online practice test are provided for free to allow the student to save up to 15%

TestPrep’s Newly Developed Online AP Infrastructure

TestPrep put a big effort to create an online environment that will make the student feel flexible and efficient during the whole exam preparation period.

Write, Draw & Share

With the high-tech online tuition background, the teachers and the students have the capability to share real-time audio, video, image, presentation, and text. Moreover, it is also possible to draw graphs, write chemical and mathematical equations in a user-friendly atmosphere.

TestPrep AP Online Lesson Documentation Archive

The exam preparation course is based on the online archive of AP exams, AP Questions, and AP Homework.
This makes it possible to track the performance of the students while solving those tests. Accordingly, the tutor knows when the student started and finished the test and the amount of time spent on each question. This is a strong tool to maximize the score during the actual AP exam.

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