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Online SAT Courses: Customized to Fit Your Needs

As TestPrep, we offer SAT Group Course programs for each and every SAT exam. SAT Reasoning Courses start 3 months before every SAT Reasoning exam. Please feel free to contact us and get your virtual seat in our comfortable online classrooms.

sat test prep course event

The program consists of 48 lessons and 72 hours, along with 30 practice tests. Our 1.5 hours long lessons are designed by our experienced team to make sure that the participants will get a score of 1500 and higher. The groups are built according to students’ current level up to a maximum of 5 people in each online classroom.

StartEndDaysTiming & Schedule
07 June 202128 August 2021Mon-Wed-FriCourse Schedule
12 July 202101 Oct 2021Mon-Wed-FriCourse Schedule
sat test prep course event

I have met with TestPrep’s online lessons through the recommendation of my cousin in Belarus.
The best advantage is that they are very experienced and the teachers knew what we would be facing very well. The practice tests and the online worksheets were really similar to the real SAT test. I can say that everything was as professional as it should be. Thanks a lot for the help and the always smiling attitude.

Test Prep SAT student – Daria

Get Private Tuition for the Best Progress in a Short Time Period

TestPrep SAT tutors focus on leading the student to their maximum success point in a limited time. That’s why we have developed our own lesson content aiming the fast and solid development, covering all the topics, hints, and shortcuts. If you also plan to reach your target score in a short time, please feel free to contact us to get the correct support for your aim.

Personalized Schedule

In the IB private tutoring program, the students can select a suitable time slot and create their own schedules. Depending on the demand of the student, we can also create a program at a fixed timetable.

Improve Your Timing with Online Practice Tests

TestPrep SAT Online System has a big variety of worksheets, homework, and practice tests in its wide archive.
With the help of this infrastructure, the tutor can track which part of the exam the student spends the time most and have a chance to counsel her/him to improve the timing skills.

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