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Our TOEFL preparation courses outline each section’s techniques and tactics, describe question types and offer tips on how to prepare and get the highest possible scores on the TOEFL iBT exam.



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TOEFL® preparation courses have target score of 100+

To provide the greatest online education environment,  50-lesson TOEFL preparation courses are available five times a year.
Each class lasts 60 minutes and is led by a teacher with a TOEFL score of 120/120.
Our students receive 50 hours of instruction as well as 10 TOEFL iBT practice exams. Professional TOEFL teachers will provide our thoroughly crafted programs. We offer the best TOEFL iBT preparation in 6-student courses that are divided into levels. This course will teach you how to maximize your TOEFL iBT exam score. Instructors will walk you through each area (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing) and explain the kind of questions you may expect on test day using archived prior test questions.



In 6-student classes


TOEFL Prep Course Scores


The TestPrep TOEFL iBT teaching team will help you get a higher score on the TOEFL iBT and strengthen the English skills you need to succeed at the test. In the classes, you will learn the ways to approach the question types, test-taking strategies, and manage your time at the test efficiently.
This program will assist you in improving your TOEFL score and preparing for academic life at university. At all of our sites around the world, we offer both TOEFL prep courses and tutoring programs.

Malyna Penkov | 100

  • Previous Score: 74
    22 27
  • Listening
    17 24
  • Speaking
    19 26
  • Writing
    16 23

Joseph Tomas | 116

  • Previous Score: 96
    23 30
  • Listening
    24 30
  • Speaking
    21 27
  • Writing
    28 29

Suna Kolay | 107

  • Previous Score: 85
    20 27
  • Listening
    24 26
  • Speaking
    21 27
  • Writing
    20 27

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