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With our experienced and qualified Test Prep teachers, we offer efficient and effective online test prep courses and tutoring to achieve targeted success. TestPrep only works with teachers in all exam preparation programs. We certainly do not work with students and recent graduates. 

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Our Online Test Prep Programs

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In addition to the online test prep lessons, our staff of teachers specialized in their own field also provides guidance to students on issues such as exam strategies and effective use of time. With the practice tests we implement, we always keep the success of the students under the spotlight and provide the necessary precautions and reinforcements. 

Online Tuition

Online Tuition with Expert Teachers

One-to-one sessions are specifically designed according to the needs, level, and goals of the student.
Private lessons are especially popular with those who need to reach advanced test prep levels in a relatively short amount of time.
In a short time, improve your scores, understand the curriculum, and gain self-confidence to apply your knowledge in exams.

Experienced Tutoring Team

TestPrep’s tutors are selected among the professionals who have significant experience in the environment of education. They are all well-known teachers with upmost personal communication skills which supports their teaching ability.

Personalized Schedule

In the tutoring program, the students can select a suitable time slot and create their own schedules Depending on the demand of the student we can also create a program at a fixed timetable.

Online Courses

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The group course programs of standardized tests are delivered by Test Prep’s outstanding worldwide tutoring teamLearn & Revise all the subjects and units you need to prepare for your upcoming exam.

Entire Curriculum

Cover the entire syllabus and revise your knowledge. Enhance the preparation with the problem-solving sessions. At the end of the program, you’ll be ultimately prepared.

Optimal Class Size

To achieve the highest efficiency, group classes are taught in online classes for 5 people. As students progress faster with the mutual exchange of ideas, they learn effectively through common discussions.

Timezone Options

With group lessons delivered in two sessions as morning and afternoon, join the lessons at a suitable time for you. Chose the best-fitting class hours and start acing the upcoming exam!


What our students have to say


I was always biased against online classes for years. I broke my prejudice thanks to the online lessons of Test Prep over its own infrastructure. I enrolled on the courses and took online tutoring and it was much more useful than taking lessons in the office. If you feel biased against online courses, I think you can overcome this with the Test Prep infrastructure. Thanks to Test Prep tutors and the managers.

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Nil I.

TestPrep IB Student


It is the only place that works to motivate me again when I give up, where the teachers stand on everything I don’t understand in the lessons, I am greeted with a happy face every time I enter a lesson, and I am supported with all kinds of resources. It makes me very happy to have the chance to enter such a warm environment after many institutes that I have visited for standardized tests preparation.

Cemre K.

TestPrep SAT Student

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High-tech online classrooms focus on the best learning experience

With powerful online classrooms, students can get real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, and screen. Students are engaged through sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms. 

Online Homework

All the homework is delivered to you immediately after the lesson. Review the covered topics right after the lesson and get the best benefit from e-learning. 

Online Practice Tests

Evaluate yourself with online practice tests and increase your scores easily. By taking our practice tests, you will get to know the test format, experience the types of tasks you will be asked to undertake and test yourself under timed conditions.


Do you want to be an online test prep instructor?

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Since we have been in the education field for more than 10 years, we can help you get better. At Test Prep, we use innovative strategies and efficient training methods to meet the needs of students with different dreams. Well-researched and effective course design for all tests, uncrowded classrooms with excellent class/student ratio, tightly monitored classroom layout, regular information sharing, and evaluations are Test Prep’s most important privileges.
We review all the strategies for you to be successful in the exam. We also provide numerous mock exams and course materials that improve your skills. With the tips we give, we help you to be prepared for every obstacle you will encounter in the exam.

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