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Advanced SAT prep courses combined with experienced tutors in 6-student SAT prep classes. Tailor-made SAT tutoring is planned according to your timetable. All-in-one solution with SAT tutoring package that cover the entire syllabus.

No matter which option you choose, when the preparation is over, you can start solving practice tests. Real and timed SAT practice tests help you to improve your timing and having a smooth test day experience. All the study materials and practice tests are free for use of our enrolled students.

5-Star Rated SAT Preparation

Via Private SAT Tutoring we help students to increase their scores rapidly.

Private SAT tutoring sessions designed especially for you. Every student learns differently and you may want to take private SAT tutoring for this reason. We can create a lesson plan on days and times that are completely convenient for you. We can support you for all sections of the SAT exam.

*Each lesson is 90 minutes.

Join 6-student SAT prep courses to cover the entire SAT syllabus with expert tutors

In 6-students classes best SAT prep courses by experienced SAT tutors. The courses are instructed by different Math and Verbal tutors. The 72-hour SAT course includes 20 Digital SAT practice tests and problem-solving classes.
If you're looking to improve your SAT scores and cover the entire syllabus in a structured and efficient manner, joining a 6-student SAT course with expert tutors can be a great option. These courses offer comprehensive coverage of all SAT sections, including reading, writing, and math.

*Each lesson is 60 minutes.

SAT Prep Courses in 6-student Classes

SAT Classes

We open SAT prep courses in 6-student classes 4 months before every SAT exam.


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SAT Prep Courses in 6-student Classes

SAT Prep Courses are now available at a 40% discounted rate, compared to private tutoring

Our SAT Course Tackles Every Topic
We're delighted to present an exceptional SAT prep course designed to navigate you through the Digital SAT. Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses all topics included in the SAT syllabus, ensuring that you gain a thorough understanding and proficiency in solving questions across all sections of the test.
Mastering Exam-Like SAT Questions
Upon completion of the course, you will possess a remarkable proficiency in the Digital SAT, empowering you to tackle any SAT question with expertise. Don't miss out on this opportunity – sign up now and embark on a journey to maximize your academic potential!
Expert SAT Teachers Transforming Your Scores
Our team of expert SAT teachers stands ready to transform your scores. Join our program, where the expertise of our SAT teachers becomes the catalyst for your success, turning challenges into triumphs and paving the way for a confident performance on test day.
Private SAT Tutoring Packages

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Are you looking for a solution that will prepare you for all sections of the SAT? Our SAT tutoring all topics package is just for you. The 80-hour package includes 20 mock exams and planned problem-solving lessons to go over the questions you failed to solve in the mock exams. Compared to tutoring without any package, the tutoring package is 15% off.

10 Lesson Package

If you are lacking in certain topics while preparing for the exam and 10 lessons are enough for you to close this gap, this package is for you. You can divide your 10 lessons in this package into the subjects you want. For example, you can take 8 SAT English lessons and 2 SAT Math lessons. Completely flexible!

*Each lesson is 90 minutes.

20 Lesson Package

You don’t think 10 lessons are enough for you and you don’t need a package that includes all subjects? Our 20-lesson package may be the optimum option for you. Again, you can share your 20 lessons in this package in the courses you wish. For example, 13 SAT English lessons and 7 SAT Math lessons.

*Each lesson is 90 minutes.

All Topics Package

You get a complete SAT preparation. If you choose the Digital SAT tutoring package of 45 lessons, you will learn all Digital SAT topics from start to finish. Our largest package of 30 lessons of English and 15 lessons of Math also includes 5 problem-solving lessons and 20 Digital SAT practice tests for free!

*Each lesson is 90 minutes.

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At Test Prep, we go above and beyond to offer top-notch SAT preparation, employing innovative strategies and efficient teaching methods. With Test Prep, SAT preparation becomes a personalized and impactful journey toward success.

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